Below are listed all the apple varieties which we grow and include in the printed catalogue - for you and posterity. We also grow others, but appreciate that the choice for the customer is already daunting enough. If you are looking for something in particular, it is worth asking.

Apples are grafted on to the rootstocks, M27, M26, MM106 and MM111. More details of these are available on the 'apple background' page. Those marked with a • are only produced in limited quantities and might or might not be in stock at any point in the year. They can be grafted to order, if out of stock. The others we hope to have in sufficient numbers, though to be sure of having them it is wise to order between summer and autumn. For prices and ordering information, please click the 'How to Order' button on the left.




The live links below take you to further detail about individual varieties. Meanwhile, the printed catalogue booklet, which can be ordered by post - see 'Get Printed Catalogue' is a permanent and convenient work which will save on paper and printer inks.

The symbols Des, Cul and Cid below denote the uses of each apple, - Dessert, Culinary and Cider. The order in which they appear is the order of primary use.

N denotes a new addition to the catalogue


Acid Free Cul/Cid
Acme Des
Acklam Russet Des/Cul
Adams' Pearmain Des/Cid
Alabaster Des/Cul
Alan's Apple Des

Aldbrough Dog's Snout Cul/Des
Aldwick Beauty Des
Alexander Cul/Des/Cid
Alfriston Cul/Cid
Allen's Everlasting Des
Allgrove's Purple Crab Cul/Des
Allington Pippin Des/Cul
Alvediston Cul/Des
American Golden Russet Des/Cid
American Summer Pearmain Des
Ananas Reinette Des/Cul
Annie Elizabeth Cul
Annual Sweetening Des
Antonovka Cul/Des
Api Étoilé Des
Api Noir Des/Cid
Appleford Serendipity Des
Archiduchesse Sophie Des
Ard Cairn Russet Des
Arlingham Schoolboys Des/Cul/Cid
Aromatic Russet Des/Cid
Arthur Turner Cul
Arthur W. Barnes Des/Cul
Ashdown Seedling Des
Ashen Imposter Des/Cul
Ashmead´s Kernel Des/Cid
Autumn Pearmain Des/Cul/Cid
Baker's Delicious Des/Cul
Ball's Pippin Des
Bamfairs Des
Barnack Beauty Des/Cul
Bascombe Mystery Des
Baumann's Reinette Des/Cul
Baxter´s Pearmain Des/Cul/Cid
Bazeley Cul/Des
Beachamwell Des
Beauty Of Bath Des
Beauty Of Bedford Des
Beauty of Fringford Des/Cul
Beauty Of Hants Des/Cul
Beauty Of Kent Cul/Des/Cid
Beauty of Wiltshire Des
Beckley Belle Des
Beckley Red (Bew) Des/Cul
Beckley Red (Holcroft) Des
Bédan-Des-Parts Cid
Bedfordshire Foundling Cul/Cid
Beisly Codling Cul
Belle Et Bonne Des/Cul
Belle Des Jardins Des
Belledge Pippin Des/Cul
Belvoir Seedling Des/Cul
Ben's Red N Des
Berkeley Pippin Des/Cid
Bernwode Crab Cul
Bess Pool Des/Cul/Cid
Beverley Apple Cul
Black Crofton N Des/Cid
Black Gilliflower Des
Blackjack Cul/Des/Cid
Black Prince Cid/Des
Blanc Dureau Des/Cul
Blenheim Orange Des/Cul
Blenheim Original N Des/Cul
Blood Royal Des/Cul/Cid
Bloody Ploughman Des
Blue Pearmain Des/Cul
Bohnapfel Cul/Des/Cid
Bossom Cul/Des
Brabant Bellefleur Cul/Des/Cid
Braddick's Nonpareil Des/Cid
Bradley's Beauty Des/Cul
Bramley's Seedling Cul/Cid
Breedon Pippin Des/Cid
Brittle Sweet Des
Brown Kenting Des/Cid
Brownlees´ Russet Des/Cul/Cid
Brown's Pippin Des
Bucks Sheep's Nose Cul/Des/Cid
Bulmer's Norman Cid
Bundy's Ringwood Red Cul/Des/Cid
Burr Knot Cul
Bushy French Cid
Calville Blanche D´Hiver Cul/Des/Cid
Calville Rouge D'été Des/Cul
Calville Rouge Précoce Des/Cul
Cambridge Pippin Des
Cambridge Queening Des/Cid
Cambusnethan Pippin Cul/Des
Capper's Pearmain Des
Captain Palmer Des
Carlisle Codlin Cul/Cid
Caroline Cul/Des/Cid
Cassop Wayfarer N Des/Cid
Cat Apple Cul/Des
Cats and Dogs Cul/Des
Catshead Cul/Cid
Caudal Market Cul/Des
Cellini Des/Cul/Cid
Chaceley Kernel Des/Cid
Charles Ross Des/Cul
Charlotte's Luck N Des/Cul
Chaxhill Red Cid/Des
Cherry Pearmain Cul/Des/Cid
Chisel Jersey Cid
Chivers Delight Des
Christmas Pearmain Des
Cissy Des
Claygate Pearmain Des/Cid
Cockle Pippin Des/Cid
Cock-Pit Cul/Des
Coddenham Red Cul
Coe's Golden Drop Des
Coeur De Boeuf Cul
Coker Seedling Cul/Des/Cid
Cole Des/Cul/Cid
Colonel Vaughan's Des/Cul/Cid
Comont Beauty N Des/Cul
Compton Wynyates Des
Cornish Aromatic Des/Cid
Cornish Gillyflower Des/Cid
Cornish Tiger Cul/Des/Cid
Corry's Wonder Cul
Corse Hill Cul/Des/Cid
Cottenham Seedling Cul
Cottered Apple Des
Coul Blush Cul/Des
Court of Wick Des/Cid
Court Pendu Plat Des/Cid
Cox's Orange Pippin Des/Cid
Cox's Pomona Cul/Des/Cid
Crawley Beauty Cul/Des
Cremiere Cid
Crimson Bramley Cul
Croxdale Crab
D'Arcy Spice Des/Cid
Dabinett Cid
Dancer's Delight N Des
Dean's Codlin Cul
Decio Des
Deddington Golden Des
Devon Crimson Queen Des
Devonshire Quarrenden Des/Cid
Dirleton Apple N Cul
Dirleton Red Cul
Discovery Des
Domine Des/Cul
Donhead House Des/Cul
Downton Pippin Des/Cul/Cid
Dr Hogg Cul
Drap D'Or Cul/Des
Droxford Cul
Duchess Of Oldenburg Des/Cul/Cid
Duchess's Favourite Des
Duck's Bill Cul/Des
Duke of Clarence Des
Duke of Devonshire Des/Cid
Dumelow's Seedling Cul/Cid
Dunn's Seedling Des
Duquesne N Des/Cul
Dutch Mignonne Cul/Des
Dymock Red Cul/Des/Cid
East Ayton Early Cul/Des
Easter Orange

Ecklinville Seedling Cul/Cid
Edelborsdorfer Des/Cid
Eden Des
Edward V11 Cul
Eggleton Styre Cid/Des
Egremont Russet Des
Eldon Pippin Des/Cid
Eliza of Fringford Des
Ellison´s Orange Des
Elmham Mill Cul
Elmore Pippin Des
Emneth Early Cul
Englische Spitalrenette Des
English Codlin Cul/Cid
English Greening Cul
Esopus Spitzenburg Des/Cul/Cid
Ethelbert Oakenfull Des/Cul
Eve Apple N Des
Eynsham Challenger Cul
Eynsham Dumpling Cul
Fair Maid of Devon Cid/Des/Cul
Fallbarrow Favourite Cul
Fameuse Cul/Des/Cid
Fearn´s Pippin Des/Cid
Feltham Beauty Des
Fenouillet Gris Des/Cid
Fenouillet Rouge Des/Cid
First and Last Cul/Des
Flower of the Town Des/Cul
Forge Des/Cul/Cid
Forsyth's Serpent Des/Cul
Forty Shillings Des
Foulden Pearmain Des/Cul
Foulkes' Foremost Des
Foxwhelp Cid/Cul
Foxton Foundling N Cul/Des
Francatu Des/Cul
Freddie's Special N Des
French Crab Cul/Des/Cid
French Pippin Des/Cul
Fringford Pippin Des
Gascoyne´s Scarlet Des/Cul
Genet Moyle Cul/Cid
Geniton Des/Cid
George Carpenter Des
George Cave Des
George Neal Des/Cul
George Neilson Des
Gilliflower Cul/Des
Gilmoor Dumpling N Cul
Gipsy King Des
Gladstone Des
Gloria Mundi
Glossy Otter N Des
Gloucester Royal Cid/Des
Gloucester Underleaf Cid/Des
Godfrey Grand N Des/Cul
Godwick Apple N
Gold Medal Cul/Des
Golden Bittersweet Cid/Des
Golden Delicious Des
Golden Harvey Des/Cid
Golden Knob Des/Cid
Golden Noble Cul/Cid
Golden Pearmain Des
Golden Pippin Des/Cid
Golden Reinette Des/Cul/Cid
Golden Russet (Allgrove) Des
Golden Russet (Clarke) Des
Golden Spire Cul/Des/Cid
Goody's Gravenstein Des
Gooseberry Pippin Cul
Gordon Preston N Des/Cul
Grand Duke Constantine Cul/Cid
Grand Sultan Des/Cul
Grange's Pearmain Des/Cul/Cid
Graniwinkle Des/Cul/Cid
Granny Shan Cul
Gravenstein Des/Cul/Cid
Greasy Jack Cul/Des/Cid
Green Balsam Cul
Green Custard Cul/Des
Green Pippin Des
Green Sweet Des/Cul
Greenup's Pippin Des/Cul/Cid
Grenadier Cul
Grey Pippin Des
Grimes Golden Des/Cul/Cid
Hagloe Crab (Bulmer's) N Cid/Cul
Hagloe Crab (Martell) Cid/Cul
Hambledon Deux Ans Cul/Des/Cid
Hanwell Souring Cul/Cid
Hargreaves' Greensweet Des
Harry Sissen's Yellow Des/Cul
Harvest Lemon Cul/Des
Harvey Cul/Cid
Hatfield Costard N Cul/Des
Haut-Bonté Des
Hawthornden Cul/Cid
Helmsley Market Apple Cul/Des
Henley Hall Des
Herefordshire Beefing Cul
Herring's Pippin Des
Heusgen´s Golden Reinette Des
Hewe's Crab Cid
Hillgrove N Cid
Hitchin Pippin Des
Hoary Morning Cul/Des/Cid
Holland Pippin Cul/Des/Cid
Hollandbury Cul/Cid
Hormead Pearmain Cul/Des/Cid
Hornett's Hall Gold N Cid/font>
Horsham Russet Des
Howgate Wonder Cul
Hubbard's Pearmain Des/Cid
Hunt's Duke of Gloucester Des/Cid
Ibstone Pippin Cid/Des
Ickford Russet N Des
Iffley Beefing Cul
Iffley Codlin Cul
Imber Costard N Cul/Des
Improved Keswick Codlin Cul/Des
Irish Peach Des/Cid
Islay Pippin Des
Isle of Wight Pippin N Des
Isle of Wight Russet N Des
James Grieve Cul Des
Jennifer Des
Jennifer Wastie Des
Jim Bacon Apple Des
Joaneting Des/Cid
John Standish Des
Jolly Beggar Cul
Joybells Des
Kandil Sinap Cul/Des
Kane's Seedling Des
Kath's Hanover Heritage Cul/Des
Keeling Apple Des
Kent Orange Des
Kentish Fillbasket Cul/Cid
Kerry Pippin Des/Cid
Keswick Codlin Cul/Des/Cid
Kidd's Orange Red Des
King Charles Pearmain Des
King David Des/Cul/Cid
King Harry Des
King Of The Pippins Des/Cul/Cid
King Of Tompkins County Des/Cul
King´s Acre Pippin Des
King's Hall Des/Cul/Cid
Kingsbury Priory Apple Des
Kingston Black Cid/Des/Cul
Kirk's Seedling Cul/Des
Kirtlington Keeper N Des
Knobby Russet Des
Knotted Kernel Cid
Korobovka Des
Lady Henniker Cul/Des/Cid
Lady Sudeley Des/Cid
Lady's Delight Des
Lady's Finger Of Hereford Cid
Lady's Finger Of Hereford (2) N Des/Cul/Cid
Lady's Finger Of Lancaster Cul
Lady's Finger Of Offaly Cul/Des
Lamb Abbey Pearmain Des
Lamport Sheep's Nose N Des/Cid
Lancashire Pippin Cul/Des
Lancashire Pippin (Grove) N Cul/Des
Lane´s Prince Albert Cul/Des
Langleigh Delight Cul/Des
Langley Pippin Des
Langton's Nonsuch N Cul
Large Siberian Red Fleshed Crab Cid
Laxton's Epicure Des
Laxton's Exquisite

Laxton's Fortune Des
Laxton's Royalty Des
Laxton's Superb Des
Leathercoat Russet Des/Cid
Lemon Pippin Des/Cul
Lemon Roy Cul/Des
Lemon Squares Des
Lemon Summering Cul/Des
Lewis's Incomparable Cul/Des
Linnet Sangwine N Des
Little Avebury N Cul/Des
Little Emily Des/Cid
Lodgemore Nonpareil Des/Cid
London Pippin Des/Cul/Cid
Long Reinette
Longney Russet Des/Cid
Longstart Cul/Des
Longstock Blush N Cul
Longworth Bryony Cul/Des
Lord Burghley Des/Cid
Lord Derby Cul/Cid
Lord Hindlip Des
Lord Lambourne Des
Lord Wolseley N Cul
Lucombe's Pine Des/Cid
Mabbott's Pearmain Des
Maclean's Favourite Des/Cul/Cid
Madeleine Des
Madresfield Court Des
Maid Of Kent Cul
Maiden's Blush Des
Maltster Des/Cul
Mank's Codlin Cul
Mannington´s Pearmain Des/Cid
Marble Des
Margaret Des/Cid
Margil Des/Cid
Marianne Des
Market Bosworth Park Des
Marriage Maker Des
Mary Morgan Cul
May Queen Des
McIndoe's Russet Des
Meadfoot Wonder Des
Mela Carla Des
Melon Des/Cid
Mère De Ménage Cul/Cid
Miller´s Seedling Des
Milloini N Des/Cid
Milton Wonder Cul/Des
Monarch Cul
Morgan's Sweet Cid/Des/Cul
Morley Churchyard Apple N Des
Moses Tree Des
Mother Des/Cid
Myrtle's Mystery Des
Nancy Crow N Cul/Des
Nancy Lee Des/Cul
Nanny Des/Cid
New Rock Pippin Des/Cid
Newton Wonder Cul/Des
Newtown Pippin Des/Cid
Nine Square Cul/Des/Cid
Nonpareil Des/Cid
Nonsuch Des/Cul
Nonsuch Park Des
Norada Cul
Norfolk Beauty Cul
Norfolk Beefing Cul/Des/Cid
Norfolk Coleman Des
Norfolk Royal Des
Northern Greening Cul/Des/Cid
Nottingham Pippin Des
Nutmeg Des
Nutmeg Pippin Des
Oaken Pin Cul/Des
Old Fred Cul/Des
Old Groby N Cul
Old Loxton Cul/Des
Old Man Des/Cul
Old Pearmain Des/Cid
Old Tankard Des/Cid
Old Tiff Cul
Onibury Pippin Des
Ontario Des/Cul
Orange Des
Orange B Des
Orange Goff Cul
Orléans Reinette Des/Cul/Cid
Oslin Des/Cid
Otmoor Reserve Des
Over Apple Des/Cid
Overleaf Cid
Oxford Beauty Des
Oxford Conquest Des
Oxford Hoard Des
Oxford Sunrise Des
Oxford Yeoman Cul
Packington Summerling
Padley's Pippin Des
Painted Summer Pippin Cul/Des
Paignton Marigold Cid/Des
Parker's Pippin Des
Peacemaker Des
Pear Apple Des/Cid
Peasgood's Nonsuch Cul/Des
Peggy's Pride Des
Phelp's Favourite Cul/Des/Cid
Pigeon de Jerusalem Des
Pig´s Nose Pippin Des
Pine Golden Pippin Des/Cid
Pitmaston Pine Apple Des/Cid
Pitmaston Russet Nonpareil Des/Cid
Pitstone Pippin Cul/Des
Plum Vitae Cid/Des/Cul
Polecat Des
Polecat Peerless N Cul/Des
Pomeroy of Herefordshire Des
Pomeroy of Somerset Des/Cul
Pomme de Fer Cul/Des
Pomme Grise Des
Pomme Poire Des
Poor Man's Profit Cul/Des/Cid
Pope's Scarlet Costard N Des/Cul
Port Wine Kernel Des
Porter Cul/Des
Powell's Russet Des/Cid
Prescott's Pippin N Cul
Prestwood Gold Cul/Des
Primrose Pippin Des
Prince Albert N Cul
Prinzenapfel Des
Profit 1 Des
Profit 2 Cul/Des
Puckrupp Pippin Des
Pullen's Egg N Des
Pullen's Treasure N Des
Purple Siberian Crab Cid
Quatford Aromatic Des
Queen Cul
Queen Caroline Cul
Queen Cox Des
Radford Beauty Des/Cul
Rambour Franc Cul/Des
Rank Thorn 1 Cul/Des
Rank Thorn 2 Cul/Des
Rathe Ripe Des
Red Army Des
Red Balsam Cul
Red Blenheim Des/Cul
Red Claygate Des/Cid
Red Cluster Cid
Red Ellison Des
Red Ingestre Des
Red Jersey Cid
Red Russet Des
Red Siberian Cid
Red Two Year Old Cul/Des/Cid
Redstart Des
Redstreak Cid
Reinette Clochard Cul/Des
Reinette D'Angleterre Des/Cul
Reinette De Thorn N Des/Cul
Reinette Des Carmes Des
Reinette Dorée Des
Reinette Douce Des/Cid
Reinette Du Canada Des/Cul/Cid
Reinette Franche Des
Reinette Marbrée Des/Cul

Reinette Rouge Étoilée Des
Renaissance Des
Reverend W. Wilks Cul
Rhead's Reinette Des
Ribston Pippin Des/Cid
Rivers' Early Peach Des
Rivers' Nonsuch Des
Ronalds' Gooseberry Pippin Des/Cid
Rosemary Russet Des/Cid
Roundway Magnum Bonum Des/Cul
Roxbury Russet Des
Royal D'Angleterre Des
Royal Jersey Cid
Royal Wilding Cid
Rushmere Embroidered Cul/Des
Rymer Cul/Des
S.T.Wright Cul
Saint Albans Pippin Des
Saint Cecilia Des
Saint Edmund´s Pippin Des
Saint Francis N Des
Saint John's Pippin Des
Saint Magdalen Des
Saltcote Pippin Des
Sam Young Des/Cid
Samter Umbrella TreeDes/Cul
Sandling Des
Sanspareil Des/Cul
Sary Sinap N Des
Scarlet Crofton Des
Scarlet Nonpareil Des/Cid
Scotch Bridget Cul/Des
Scotch Dumpling Cul
Sergeant Peggy Cul
Sharlston Pippin Des
Sherbet Stoat N Des/Cul
Shustoke Apple
Siddington Russet Cul/Des
Silvercup Cid
Sine Qua Non Des
Sir Isaac Newton´s Tree Cul/Cid/Des
Skyrme's Kernel Cul/Cid/Des
Slack-Ma-Girdle N Cul/Cid/Des
Smart's Prince Arthur Cul
Sops In Wine Des
Speen Chapel Apple Cul/Des
Spice Russet Des
Spotted Pippin Des
Spout Apple Des
Spring Grove Codlin N Cul
Stamford Pippin Des/Cul
Stanford Seedling Des
Stanley Pearce Des/Cid
Stibbert Cul/Des
Stirling Castle Cul/Cid
Stoke Edith Pippin Des/Cul/Cid
Stone Pippin Des/Cul
Stowe Recumbent N Des/Cul
Strawberry Queen N Cul/Des
Striped Beefing Cul/Des/Cid
Stubbard Cul
Studley Crab Des/Cid
Studley Gold Cul/Des
Studley Salamander Cul
Sturmer Pippin Des/Cid
Sugar Loaf Cul
Sugar Loaf Pippin Cul/Des
Sugar Pippin Des
Summer Golden Pippin Des/Cid
Summer Pearmain Cul/Des
Summer Queen Des
Summer Strawberry Des
Sumner Imperial N Des/Cul
Sunset Des
Suntan Des
Sussex Mother Des
Sussex Slip Apple Des/Cul
Sutton Sunset Des/Cul
Sweet Coppin Cid
Sweet Lading Des/Cul/Cid
Sweet Marten N Cid/Des
Sweet William Des
Sykehouse Russet Des/Cid
T. Roy Sparkes Des
Tarnside Red Des
Taylor's Favourite Des
Taynton Codlin Cul/Des/Cid
Tebworth Cobbler N Des
Teign Harvey Cid
Ten Commandments Des/Cid
Téton de Demoiselle Des
Tewkesbury Baron Des/Cul/Cid
Thame Market Cul/Des
Thomas Rivers Cul
Thomas Tipping N Cid
Thorle Pippin Des/Cid
Thorpe's Peach Des
Tickford Beauty N Des
Tillington Court Cul/Des
Tinsley Quince Des
Tippetts Cul/Des/Cid
Tolman Sweet Des/Cul/Cid
Tom Putt Cul/Des/Cid
Tower Of Glamis Cul/Cid
Transparent Codlin Cul/Des
Trixie's Blusher Des
Tun Apple Des
Tupstones Des
Tydeman's Early Worcester Des
Tydeman's Late Orange Des
Underwood Pippin Des
Upright French Cid
Upton Pyne Des/Cul
Vandevere Des/Cul
Venus Pippin Cul/Des
Violette Des/Cul
Voyager Des
Wadhurst Pippin Cul/Des/Cid
Wagener Cul/Des
Waltham Abbey Seedling Cul/Des
Wardington Seedling Des
Wardrobes House Cul/Des
Warner´s King Cul/Cid
Wax Apple Des
Welford Park Nonsuch Cul/Des
Westbury House Cul
Wheaten Loaves Cul/Des
Wheeler's Russet Des/Cul/Cid
Wheelwright N Des
White Joaneting Des/Cid
White Melrose Cul/Cid
White Spanish Reinette Des/Cul
Whitebeck Pearmain Des
William Crump Des
William Randall Cul/Des
Willingham Cropper Des
Wiltshire Dognose Des
Windmill Wonder N Des/Cul
Winston Des
Winter Banana Des
Winter Colman Cul
Winter Greening Cul/Des/Cid
Winter Majetin Cul/Des/Cid
Winter Pearmain Cul/Des/Cid
Winter Queening Cul/Des/Cid
Winter Weasel N Cid
Wolvercote Pippin Des
Wolverton Crab Cul/Cid
Woolbrook Russet Cul/Des
Worcester Pearmain Des
Wotton Autumn Carpet N Cid
Wotton Costard Cul/Des
Wotton Endurance N Cul/Des
Wotton Enigma N Cul
Wotton Nectar N Des
Wotton Prolific N Des/Cul
Wotton Resurgent N Des
Wotton Revival N Cid/Des
Wyken Pippin Des/Cid
Wyvering N Des/Cul
Yellow Bellflower Cul/Des
Yellow Ingestre Des/Cid
Yellow Siberian Cid
Yellow Waxen Des
Yorkshire Greening Cul/Cid
Young's Pinello Des
Zabergäu Renette Des/Cul