Our opening times have changed. Please see the new opening times at the bottom of this page.

Our delivery service will be suspended indefinitely from the end of 2023 and trees will need to be collected. The cost of materials, couriers and packing time have become excessive and we need to devote more time to conserving our collection.

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The new much enlarged 8th Edition printed catalogue has now arrived! At 206 pages, an increase of 36 from the 7th edition, it now includes several important variety additions. Before ordering, please be aware that our delivery service has now been indefinitely suspended and trees would need to be collected. Please click on 'Get Printed Catalogue' above, left.

February - Please let us know in the next few weeks what you might want in the early Autumn. The earlier we know, the better and more fully grown the tree will be.

Important Changes at Bernwode Fruit Trees

Grafting to order – We continue to make available old varieties, to ensure their survival in the wider world, but the number we now list makes it impossible to carry a wider stock for ready availability, especially on a range of different rootstocks. Regrettably, the rare varieties attract less attention, despite their worthiness, and remain unsold for longer than is good for them, in pots. Though we still have plenty of choices available at the nursery for instant planting, we must increasingly move over towards a system where we graft specific requests to order. We graft from January to early March and new trees are then available for planting in September. Please let us know what varieties (on what rootstocks) you want early in the year and be prepared to wait until September, if we do not have them in stock currently. If your wants are flexible then we should be able to find plenty of options from current stock. Stocks are at their highest levels in September and October, the ideal time for planting, in a normal year, when the ground is not drought affected and is not rock hard! Container grown trees continue to grow their roots, even when going dormant above ground.

Changing Opening Times – Travel to the nursery enables us to give good advice and get to meet our customers, but motoring is no longer the pleasure it once was, and we have been open for much longer times than the number of customers warrant. We have therefore changed our opening times and days. Please see the new opening arrangement at the bottom of this web page before making a trip. When we are formally closed, we are usually at the nursery anyway, so we will continue to be open by appointment outside opening times. All we ask is that you let us know what day you would like to visit or collect trees and an approximate time – and we will be here for your visit. There is no need for an appointment during our opening times.


If your email client sends emails to us at bernwode@xln.co.uk, please amend it to send to ask@bernwodefruittrees.co.uk. The former email address has now been retired and your emails will not come through and be answered. Thank you.


We collect, conserve, grow and sell trees of traditional British fruit varieties, or foreign trees that have long made their home in these Isles. They are container grown, can be planted at any time of year and can be collected from the nursery throughout the year. Please see opening times below.

There is no online ordering of trees for collection, given the range and quickly changing availability. Our trees are rare and living things, which cannot be ordered up out of a warehouse. Customers are welcome to advice at the nursery and to order or ask questions on the telephone.

Our range includes several hundred varieties, covering apples, pears, plums, gages, cherries, vines, medlars, quinces, and some soft fruit. We also graft new trees from customers' own treasured old ones. Our trees are grafted on a range of rootstocks and customers can choose whichever is most suitable for the shape and size of tree, bush or restricted form they want.


Much of our work involves research and conservation of old varieties, ancient trees and orchards. If you have any knowledge of these, which you think would be of interest to us, please let us know. They are fast disappearing and time is pressing. Often, we advise private owners of trees and orchards on an informal basis, but we also undertake more formal consultancy on a fee-paying basis for larger and longer term projects. Please telephone for details.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10.00 to 17.00, every month except June and July, when closed.

Closed Christmas Eve to New Year's Day, inclusive.

When closed, customers are still welcome to visit, provided we have been informed, in advance, of the day and approximate time that the customer wishes to come. We are usually here, anyway, so it is not an inconvenience to us.


CONTACT - Telephone: 01844 237415 Email: ask@bernwodefruittrees.co.uk
Bernwode Fruit Trees, Kingswood Lane, Ludgershall, Buckinghamshire, HP18 9RB